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Video Watermark & Audio Watermark Test Streams Published by DVB

Geneva, Switzerland, October 13, 2023 – DVB has released test streams for the use of the video and audio watermark in Targeted Advertising in DVB countries across Europe and the rest of the world. The test streams are compatible with HbbTV Application Over Broadband Phase 2 (ADB2) and are publicly available on the DVB web site at

DVB BlueBook A178-1r1 extends part 1 of the DVB targeted advertising (DVB-TA) specification (ETSI TS 103 752-1) to add support for signaling using watermarking.

Watermarking provides an optional alternative method for delivery of DVB-TA signaling from broadcasters to receivers. Watermarking is particularly applicable to use cases where a linear broadcast service is delivered to a television receiver from a set-top box (STB) via HDMI.

The watermarks used in this version are those from ATSC: A/335 as a video watermark and A/334 as the audio watermark.

The seven test streams cover a variety of scenarios where a broadcaster uses watermarks to signal the presence of ad breaks and include simulations of scenarios where actions occur on an STB during an ad break.

These streams are intended to be played into a device with a watermark detector. Typically this would mean using an HDMI player to play into the HDMI input of a TV set.


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