Working to Secure the Integrity of Digital Content

Navigating the AI Landscape

With the growth of Artificial Intelligence, over 90% of online content is expected to be AI generated by 2026, which erodes trust in media, facilitating the rapid spread of disinformation. As these AI-generated creations become increasingly convincing, our ability to discern reality diminishes.

Solving the Deepfake Dilemma

Governments, AI leaders, and public interest groups agree that there is a critical need for solutions that can support and preserve trust in media. There is an immediate and pressing need for solutions that enable content to be labeled with accurate information about its origin and expose when it has been modified or distorted.

Countering the Proliferation of Deepfakes

Watermarking and cryptography enable content creators sources to securely annotate their assets with detailed information that allows social media platforms and audiences to reliably establish where and how it was created and, most importantly, its authenticity.

Built on Industry Standards

Verance Authentication employs watermark technologies that are trusted by the world’s largest media, entertainment, and consumer products companies. From Grammy-winning albums to Hollywood blockbusters to the nightly news on your local station, Verance watermarking has been woven into the fabric of content for three decades. And with over 100 consumer electronics brands using the technology, it is a proven fit for new media platforms and devices.

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