Generate revenue by protecting your entertainment assets from piracy in the pre-release, theatrical, and home video windows.

Generating Revenue

Cinavia generates over 10% in additional sales through proactive protection against key motion picture and home video piracy threats. Generating revenue while protecting content requires a universally compatible solution across entertainment, consumer electronics, and computer industries.

Effective Countermeasure to Piracy

Only 1 in 10 movies recuperate their investment in theatrical release due to the impact of piracy on ticket sales, DVD rentals, electronic sell-through, and VOD. This is why content creators turn to Cinavia for a cross-platform countermeasure that is easy to integrate, cost effective, and has no impact on viewer experiences.

Movies With Cinavia Anti-Piracy Technology Make 10% More

– The Wrap, June 2015

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How It Works

The Cinavia standard enables content owners to protect content across multiple release windows, distribution platforms, and playback devices, converting pirate consumption into commerce through legitimate services.

Step 1:

Premium content is produced by motion picture studio

Step 2:

Invisible and inaudible watermark is embedded onto soundtrack during postproduction process

Step 3:

Cinavia protected audio watermarked content survives unauthorized duplication across multiple distribution paths

Step 4:

Cinavia enabled devices with detectors and verifiers read the content and recognize the presence of a watermark

Step 5:

Unauthorized duplicated content carrying the watermark is detected by the device, stopping playback and displaying the Cinavia enforcement message

Step 6:

Viewer is presented with the option to purchase the legitimate content to be viewed legally


Required element of content protection architecture for Blu-ray® disc

Required element of content protection for UHD/4K content.

Effectively identifies and protects against motion picture and home video piracy

Embedded into the soundtrack of movie releases

Integrated into consumer electronics devices, software players, and components

Protect Your Valuable Assets

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