Drive television revenue with household-level, cross-platform audience measurement at scale.

Measure All Audiences

Available in today and tomorrow’s broadcast environments, Aspect™ delivers audience measurement and enriched experiences to over-the-air / digital terrestrial, cable, satellite, IPTV and over-the-top households, including today’s ATSC 1.0 environment.

Directly Access Your Audience Data

Aspect provides direct access to first party household-level audience data across devices and distribution environments. Augmented with demographic and psychographic data, it provides unparalleled audience insights to inform television programming, marketing and advertising sales efforts.

Proactively Respond to Viewership Trends

Aspect provides insights at the national, DMA and segment level.  It enables a proactive response to changes in audience usage by delivering accurate measurement of program engagement, advertising engagement and campaign performance.

Optimize Your Windowing Strategies

Aspect allows programmers and distributors to understand when, where and how content is consumed. By pairing Aspect with the Cinavia® watermark, partners gain key insights to inform their windowing strategies and prevent illegal content distribution.

How It Works

Step 1:

Manufacturers deploy the Aspect watermark detector in connected TVs and devices

Step 2:

Broadcasters embed the Aspect watermark into content at the broadcast operations center

Step 3:

Aspect watermark is detected and retrieves content metadata and instructions

Step 4:

Instructions are instantaneously applied to personalize content or launch interactive features

Step 5:

Viewership data is sent to the cloud for aggregation and normalization

Step 6:

Viewership data is directly accessible for analysis and business intelligence

Embrace the Future

Aspect is ready for use today. The lightweight Aspect watermark is compatible with today’s television standards and is easily deployed.


Embed the watermark into content as the video is transmitted from the broadcast operation centers.


Deploy the Aspect detection software in devices at the browser, operating system, or chip level.

Start today, gain experience with tomorrow’s next generation television characteristics, capabilities and capacity.