TECHNICAL MEMO: Aspect Guidelines for ATSC A344 Broadcast Application Developers (PDF download)

This document provides developers of A/344 Broadcaster Applications with important information necessary to ensure that their applications operate correctly and produce the best possible viewer experience on Aspect-enabled connected televisions.


TECHNICAL MEMO: Aspect Capabilities Reporting through Device Info Query API (PDF Download)

This document describes a custom key called “us.aspect:properties” provided by Aspect-enabled CTVs to the A/334 Query Device Info API request for deviceinfoProperties.


WHITE PAPER: Understanding the Interactive Television Opportunity (PDF download)

An overview of the interactive television opportunity and the role of Aspect watermarking in maximizing revenue and viewer engagement.

WHITE PAPER: Addressable Advertising (PDF download)

An overview of addressable advertising benefits for programmers and the role of Verance® Aspect™ watermarking.

WHITE PAPER: Understanding Next Gen TV Interactivity within MVPD Environments (PDF download)

Exploring the benefits of Next Gen TV interactive features and the Verance® Aspect™ watermark for MVPDs.

WHITE PAPER: Next Gen TV Benefits for Programmers (PDF download)

An overview of the Verance® Aspect™ watermark and its role in maximizing Next Gen TV opportunities for programmers.

VIDEO: Personalized Audio Test with Dolby, KPBS San Diego & Verance.