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Verance Presents in HbbTV’s Extending the Reach of HbbTV TA to Set-top Box Markets Webinar

Webinar includes updates to HbbTV’s specification for the set-top box markets.

Geneva, Switzerland, October 19, 2021 – This webinar goes in depth on how to properly integrate Targeted Advertising (TA) and how to deploy HbbTV’s solution to reaching the large number of viewers in set-top box markets. Our CTO, Joe Winograd, presents on the operational aspects of deploying ADB2 + TA for broadcasters. This includes a breakdown of Embedding the Watermark, Delivering the TA Signaling, and Presentation of the Advertisement.

The webinar link is available here.

The PDF presentation is available for download here.


Verance® Aspect™ is a global watermarking platform that powers broadband features on broadcast television by enabling sports betting, dynamic advertising and interactivity across all screens and distribution paths.  Aspect supports new and existing industry standards including ATSC 3.0 and HbbTV and works in today’s ATSC 1.0 broadcasting environment.  Leading programmers such as FOX, NBC and PBS are currently deploying Aspect.

Verance content measurement and enhancement technologies are at the forefront of innovation and set the industry standard for television, movies and music.  Our solutions have been adopted by over 100 leading entertainment and technology companies and deployed in over 350 million consumer products worldwide.  For more information, visit:

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