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Demonstration of HbbTV ADB2 at DVB World 2024

Enables next phase of Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV Services such as Targeted Advertising and Interactivity for all Television Viewers<br><br>

Munich, Germany, March 19, 2024 – Verance, an award-winning provider of standards-based watermarking, today announced its demonstration of the integration of Verance® Aspect® watermarking technology into the Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV (HbbTV) ecosystem. This demo, taking place at the 2024 DVB World Conference (exhibition area, booth number 6), features content and interactive applications from leading German broadcasters ARD, RTL Deutschland and ZDF.

The integration of the Verance Aspect implementation of the HbbTV “Application Discovery over Broadband Phase 2” (ADB2) standard opens up new possibilities for delivering interactive television experiences and targeted advertising to cable, satellite, IPTV and OTT viewers worldwide. It enables seamless access to HbbTV interactive services on television sets that receive broadcast services through legacy set-top boxes and HDMI inputs.

HbbTV’s ADB2 standard builds on watermarking technology already deployed in ATSC markets in the United States by multiple broadcasters and television manufacturers, providing implementers of the HbbTV ecosystem with a base of integrations with broadcast equipment and television platforms that will accelerate market deployment.

DVB World attendees are being shown a live demonstration of an HbbTV experience powered by ADB2 on a commercial smart TV. The innovative approach offers an alternative mechanism for broadcasters to deliver HbbTV-TA and DVB-TA ad replacement services to receivers in scenarios where linear broadcast TV is transmitted to the TV set via HDMI from a set-top box or HDMI-stick.

“We are excited to collaborate with German broadcasters to showcase the power and versatility of Verance’s Aspect watermarking technology at the 2024 DVB World Conference,” said Nil Shah, CEO at Verance. “This demonstration underscores our commitment to advancing the television viewing experience through innovative solutions that enhance accessibility and engagement for audiences worldwide.”

Vincent Grivet, Chair of the HbbTV Association said, “We welcome this first ADB2 demonstration and see it as the beginning of industrial deployment of the HbbTV ADB2 specification in real-life products and services. ADB2 has the potential to tremendously expand the reach of HbbTV services especially in countries where there is a high usage of set-top boxes.”


Verance® Aspect® is a global watermarking platform that powers broadband features on broadcast television by enabling sports betting, dynamic advertising, and interactivity across all screens and distribution paths. Aspect supports new and existing industry standards including ATSC 3.0 and HbbTV and works in today’s ATSC 1.0 broadcasting environment. Leading programmers across the United States including FOX, Graham, Gray, Sinclair, PBS affiliates, and Capitol Broadcasting have deployed Aspect.

Verance’s AI watermark as well as content measurement and enhancement technologies are at the forefront of innovation and set the industry standard for television, movies, and music. Our solutions have been adopted by over 100 leading technology and entertainment companies and deployed in over 500 million consumer products worldwide. For more information, visit:

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