Verance Milestones


  • AACS LA sets the Watermark Sunrise date as defined in the AACS Final Adopter Agreement Compliance Rules
  • First Cinavia®-protected major motion picture released on DVD.
  • Verance joins Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem and Entertainment ID Registry.


  • Forty millionth Cinavia-enabled Blu-ray Disc™ player shipped to consumers.
  • First Cinavia-protected major motion picture released on Blu-ray Disc.
  • First Cinavia-protected major motion picture released in theaters.
  • Twenty-fifth consumer electronics product developer licenses Cinavia.


  • Verance wins CONNECT Most Innovative New Product (MIP) Award in the software category for Cinavia.
  • First Cinavia-enabled Blu-ray Disc player shipped to consumers.
  • AACS LA issues final technical specifications and license agreements enabling commercial deployment of Cinavia in Blu-ray Disc players.


  • Verance introduces Cinavia as the new name for the Verance Copy Management System for Audiovisual Content (VCMS/AV).


  • Fourth major motion picture studio adopts VCMS/AV to protect its theatrical and home video content.
  • Verance publishes completed VCMS/AV technical specifications for media player and component manufacturers, enabling integration of the technology into Blu-ray Disc product designs and manufacturing.
  • First Oscar awarded for the sound production of a motion picture released for digital cinema embedded with VCMS/AV.


  • AACS LA selects VCMS/AV as a component of its architecture for the protection of high definition content, including the Blu-ray Disc format.


  • Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE) licenses VCMS/AV to protect its theatrical, home video and television content.
  • First GRAMMY awarded to music embedded with the Verance Copy Management System for Audio (VCMS/A) technology (Dire Straits’ “Brothers in Arms – 20th Anniversary Edition,” DVD-Audio, 2005 “Best Surround Sound Album” GRAMMY Award Winner).
  • First theatrical motion picture and commercial DVD embedded with VCMS/AV are released.


  • Microsoft licenses VCMS/AV for use in its Windows-based computing products.
  • Verance releases first VCMS/AV embedding tools, making embedding technology available for use in commercial theatrical and home video releases.


  • Verance begins development of VCMS/AV product line, adapting its watermark technology to protect film and video content against unauthorized use.
  • Universal Studios licenses VCMS/AV to protect its theatrical, home video, and television content.


  • VCMS/A featured in first SD-Audio-capable mobile phone with music recording and playback capabilities (J-phone JSH51, manufactured by Sharp, branded and distributed in Japan by J-phone Co., Ltd., one of Japan's leading mobile operators).
  • VCMS/A licensed to a growing number of consumer products and components manufacturers, including Cirrus Logic, Hitachi, LSI Logic, MediaTek, National Semiconductor, Samsung, STMicroelectronics, and Texas Instruments.


  • Verance watermarking technology certified as meeting all commercial requirements for use in performing rights administration applications in STEP 2001 independent evaluation. STEP 2001 was sponsored by BIEM and CISAC - two international associations representing over 200 performing rights administration organization in over 100 countries - and the Japanese Society for Rights of Authors, Composers and Publishers (JASRAC).
  • VCMS/A becomes mandatory for all new DVD-Audio player models.


  • VCMS/A licensed to five major recording companies (BMG Entertainment, EMI Recorded Music, Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group, and the Warner Music Group) for protection of their recorded music.
  • VCMS/A licensed to major computer, semiconductor and consumer electronics companies, including Panasonic, Sony, Toshiba, Pioneer, Microsoft, Intel, PortalPlayer, ST Microelectronics, Inc. and Zoran Corporation.
  • First SDMI-compliant portable music player incorporating VCMS/A is offered to consumers.
  • First commercial release of music embedded with VCMS/A.


  • Verance Corporation forms from the merger of two audio watermark technology development companies – ARIS Technologies, Inc. (Cambridge, Mass.) and Solana Technology Development Corporation (San Diego, Calif.); the new company is headquartered in San Diego.
  • Verance VCMS/A technology is selected by the 4C Entity (formed by IBM, Intel, Panasonic, and Toshiba) as an industry-standard component of the DVD-Audio and SD-Audio formats.
  • VCMS/A selected by the Secure Digital Music Initiative (SDMI), a consortium of over 200 companies in the entertainment and technology industries, as an industry-standard component of the SDMI Portable Device Specifications for playing, storing and distributing digital music.

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