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Verance Announces New Name for its Film and Video Protection Technology

VCMS/AV digital audio watermark solution becomes Cinavia
September 10, 2008 -- San Diego, CA – Verance Corporation announced today that its digital audio watermark technology previously known as the Verance Copy Management System for Audiovisual content (or VCMS/AV) now has a new name: Cinavia™. The new name is being adopted in anticipation of the introduction of the Cinavia technology in Blu-ray Disc players later this year. AACS LA, LLC (http://www.aacsla.com), the cross-industry consortium that provides the content protection architecture employed in the Blu-ray format identified Cinavia as an element of its content protection solution and approved the use of Verance watermark on AACS-protected Blu-ray Discs in February 2006. AACS is expected to release final license agreements requiring the inclusion of Cinavia technology in Blu-ray Disc players later this year.

“With Cinavia, Verance has created a clear, new identity that reflects both the purpose and the potential of our copy management technology,” says Verance Corporation chief executive Nil Shah. “Cinavia™ is intended to resonate with professionals in the entertainment, media and consumer electronics industries, as well as with consumers.”

A New Moniker for a New Media Model
The name “Cinavia” is partly derived from “cinema” and “A/V,” highlighting its connection with filmed entertainment. The final part, “via,” refers to the technology’s role in fostering the growth of innovative and compelling new avenues and markets for the access and enjoyment of premium entertainment content by consumers.

“Cinavia’s persistent watermark technology works across different distribution channels, devices and copy generations,” explains Shah. “This enables new approaches where consumers can use their authorized content more freely, on any device they choose, while content owners can be confident that their material is protected.”

Cinavia Licensing Programs
Verance licenses Cinavia technology to a wide range of content owners, distributors and producers of content as well as manufacturers of Blu-ray Disc players and components worldwide. Current licensees include Sony Pictures Entertainment, Universal Studios and Microsoft. Existing licenses to VCMS/AV technology will remain applicable to the technology offered under the Cinavia name.

About Verance Corporation
Verance is a developer and licensor of technologies and solutions that track, manage, and enhance the use of media content. Verance holds an extensive portfolio of proven audio watermarking technologies that have been deployed globally in a variety of business and consumer application areas. These applications include the Cinavia™ technology (previously known as VCMS/AV), which is the worldwide industry-standard watermark for copyright protection of filmed entertainment.

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